Benefits Of Using Good Shampoo For 360 Waves

The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining 4C Curls; Tips and Tricks for Healthy, Flowing Waves

For those with 4C curls, it can be difficult to find products that will help maintain a healthy head of hair. The curly texture of the hair is often hard for stylists and product manufacturers to work with, which means many people are left without solutions for their tresses. But don’t fret! We will discuss some tips and tricks for those who want long-lasting waves that look great too so make sure to have shampoo to get waves and get ready!

The first thing to consider when you are looking for products to help maintain healthy hair is the ingredients.

Shampoo To Get Waves

-Use light gels and leave in conditioners – these can be applied after your shower but before drying or styling, which will allow them to sink into strands more easily than heavier ones. This also means that they will not weigh down curls as much! If you do use a heavy gel, try applying it at night so it has time to sit on the hair overnight without getting too stiff or crunchy throughout the day.

-For twist outs (which tend to dry out curly tresses) make sure you moisturize both prior and following the style… this way your locks stay hydrated enough while still having some hold from twisting/braiding.

-If you are putting heat on your tresses, be sure to use a heat protectant first! You can find this product in most drugstores or grocery stores now – just read the label before buying it so you don’t buy one with silicone (which will cause curls to slip) but rather something that has ingredients like Argan oil and coconut oil which help provide moisture instead of taking it away from hair strands.

The next thing to consider is how much washing your hair at home versus going for regular trims at the salon. For those who have extremely curly hairs, they need time between washes to allow their roots/scalp enough space without dirt getting trapped inside coils during the week.